RelianceNet's Shadowcloud Service - Hosted disaster recovery and business continuity in the cloud.

When disaster strikes we keep your business up and running.

Cloud hosted disaster recovery and failover made easy.

Disaster Recovery in the cloud made easy!

Shadowcloud offers you the most comprehensive set of cloudbased disaster recovery services available today. Avoid costly downtime for your business, accelerate time to recovery, and minimize the loss of your critical data by replicating your physical and virtual production servers into the Shadowcloud.

The options are endless once your server environments are mirrored in our cloud. Shadowcloud features include Server Backup and Recovery, Virtual Failover, Production Testing, and Verification of Data Integrity.

Your business is covered in three distinctive ways with Shadowcloud:

Prevent costly outages by doing more with your bits in the cloud. In the event of disaster, access the latest copy of your production server in the cloud to ensure there are no disruptions to your business.

Software defects can cause unplanned downtime for many small businesses. Test software upgrades or patches prior to deploying them to production in Shadowcloud's virtual lab.

Secure. Reliable. Available. Shadowcloud provides you with maximum security and allows you to access your mission critical applications and data when you need them most.

How much revenue can your company afford to lose?

We provide you with cloud-based disaster recovery services accessible at anytime through a web browser. Shadowcloud was created to account for all types of unplanned downtime: natural disasters, human errors, hardware failures, software defects and more.

Host an entire copy of your physical or virtual environment in our cloud. It's there when you need it at the press of a button for failover, migration, and testing purposes. Piece of mind, without spending tens of thousands on costly infrastructure.

How Does it Work?

With the simple installation of a host agent on the server, a full image of the server environment can be uploaded over the Internet or shipped on a disk where it is replicated to Shadowcloud's secure data center. Incremental server image backups, or deltas, are then replicated automatically into the Shadowcloud on a daily basis. These images can be accessed through the Shadowcloud web-based management portal, where they can be restored to run as virtual machines.

Cloud-based disaster recovery services designed to protect and manage Windows servers and virtualized environments.

We're passionate about our clients and our technology solutions. By replicating entire Windows production environments into the Shadowcloud, our platform allows our clients to decrease recovery time and maximize uptime.

Hundreds of companies depend on Shadowcloud to protect their business-critical Windows servers in the cloud. It is safe, secure, and available anytime you need it.

Features include:

  • Server Backup and Recovery: In the event of a server failure you can quickly restore backup images, ensuring you stay up and running. Server images are backed up daily to a SAS70 Type II secure data center.
  • Server Migrations: We automate 75% of the migration process, allowing you to accelerate deployment and reduce costs.
  • Production Testing: Provision servers, perform upgrades, test changes and deploy patches virtually before you make changes to production.

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